Top Definition
futuristic negro
Whoa@~!@ Dude he's helluva negron!@~!@
by trix April 29, 2003
another word for a big black, kfc eating nigger
Hey is that nigger, negron from HLF forums
by ur mom February 12, 2005
A girl who loves to act like she likes you and then barely ever hangs out with you. And when she does decide to hang out with you she just shows up at your house out of no where. Usually hangs out with one best girl friend who comes with her and cockblocks. However, she knows that her friend is cockblocking and encourages it!
OMG that dumb negron came over my house with her cockblocking friend, I thought I was going to get some but then when she came over I just got a hug good-bye.
by Zach L August 23, 2006
Someone who is a nice girl

R negron is a nice girl
by Walty5-5-5 December 07, 2005
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