The Theory that the nerds and the geeks will unite as one and destroy all who stand in their way.
A:That new theory's pretty disturbing
B:The Neek Theory?
by hugewangc April 10, 2009
Me! I am a total and utter Neek and fiercely proud of it, thank you very much. Neeks are cool people who are somehow mistaken for uncool/dipshit-style-losers by proud owners of Croydon Facelifts and M.C. skills ("Boo-yaah, I deck you man, boo boo, aw naw heavy bled, innit innit yeah I is heavy, you is...shit bled top neeky man you're gay. Gay gay gay gay gay. But me is not gay. Me is horny. Yes bled heavy"). Neek is derived from 'nerd' and 'geek' both meaning approximately the same thing i.e. clever (so all of a sudden it's a bad thing to possess a brain and be capable of intelligent thought?). The point is, if you get called a neek, be proud. It doesn't mean anything negative, it's townies resenting your superior mental capacity.
"Stop dancing u neek"
"No, fuck off, but thanks for recognising my neekiness"
*walks off*"You're gay"
"yes, very much so."
*breaks into run to confer "heavy heavy" to crew*
by hermaphrodite June 05, 2004
To hook up. To get some.
I plan to have several neek sesh's this weekend.
by neeker December 11, 2010
A geek and a Nerd put together

Nerds- People who have general knowledge on generally intellectualy subjects, books, histoyr, literature, math, academics etc.

Geek- People who knows technology and video games, not always very knowledgable
You Neek! you spent way to much playing that knowledgeable video game that your brain is going to fry!
by Melissa S. June 08, 2006
cross between nerd and a geek. Period.

Those people who've written about chavs calling 'people who will grow up to be successful later in life' neeks is total rubbish.

You can be a person who listen to hip-hop and garage and still be called a neek.

Lol you are such a neek!
by restrict November 11, 2005
a combination of a nerd and a geek.
Wow, Chels, you're a gamer and a blogger, you wear glasses, and you are OBSESSED with anime. You are such a neek. But we love you anyways!
by iluvkamakazi April 24, 2009
Mixture of the two words, Nerd & Geek. Often used as an insult.
Katie : Wubu2?
Robbie: Playing On Pokemon, Sick Bladd.
Katie : Such A Fxckin Neek Mate.
by Katie Bruce February 28, 2008

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