cross between nerd and a geek. Period.

Those people who've written about chavs calling 'people who will grow up to be successful later in life' neeks is total rubbish.

You can be a person who listen to hip-hop and garage and still be called a neek.

Lol you are such a neek!
by restrict November 11, 2005
Originally a very flexible term, it became the deviation of the N-Word. Not for derogatory use, but used as a nickname for friends of all racial/ethnic backgrounds. Quickly rising in popularity throughout the Northeast.

The word was first found as the youth sought a new, creative way to call people 'homie' or friend.

Linguistic Pathway - N1gg3r (N word) deviated into the catchy Nikkah in suburbs and the cities, where it then manifested into the phonetic abbreviation of Nikkah, NEE-KAH, and became Neeks.

And the rest was history, folks...
Friend #1- Sup neeks.
Friend #2- Huh?
Friend #1- Your so behind on the times, homie....
by Seoras December 31, 2010
'Nerd' and 'Geek' = Nerdy Geek/Geeky Nerd
"Ewwww that Grettle girl is such a neek."
by Aimee Cakes X November 19, 2009
A term used regularly amongst young people in the Hampshire area to denote someone that is a: geek, nerd, dawk etc...
geek, nerd, dawk, neek etc...
by odyssey1247 April 27, 2009
Although very commonly stated to be a cross between Geek and Nerd this is in fact wrong. Although this would seem a far more intelligent use/combination of words. The truth is anything but intelligent! The term 'Neek' is in fact just the word 'Meek' with the first letter wrong. (it is unsure if this was done in purpose to represent 'nigro' but more than likely not and just an attempt by the uneducated to to create an idendity to hide behind while seeming cool around the rest of the illiterate) Influenced from hearing the word Meek from there mainly christian parents discribing weak people, "leave that meek little white boy tyrone!" the term was first used as part of the slang young black men used when trying to create their own identity (bit like how the original intelligent settlers in the US created the american language) This term was later copied by other people who are so insecure that they cannot be themselves and talk like their own cultural group, finding solace in the company of those that are just as stupid as themselves... bit like erie is really Eery.... or bloodclot means 'Whiteboy! you realise your not going to die of sickle cell anemi!a
"The 'Neek' : for they shall inherit the earth. They which do hunger and thirst after 'RIGHT'eousness: for they shall be filled"
by MrEducateyou July 19, 2011
Another term for a waste man.
"Yo, that boys some neeky guy!"
by Scarfee May 30, 2009
Neeks is the slightly more ghetto version of the boys name Nico, which means " Victory of the people "
Safe Neeks whats goin on?
by MrNEO April 27, 2011

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