A word to describe a needle when you don't feel like saying the "le" part.
"I am going to poke you with a needer!" or "Give me that NEEDER!" or "I need to go to the store to get thread and needers!"
by Bighead Nick August 08, 2009
Top Definition
A person you know who you only see when they need something, be it a favor or help with something. These people will always call and start off with some beating around the bush idle bullshitting, and then they slip in the "oh by the way I need......". Everone knows at least one asshole like this, it is a burden we must all carry.
lance: That pain in the ass hank stopped by today.

frank : What that tool want?

lance: He started with some small talk, then asked if I could help him move. He's a real mother fucker!!

frank: He's a real needer
by TV CAR April 05, 2010
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