(n) Any person who acts drunk, stupid, or is just a general nuisance; an assh*le.
(v) to get drunk or act like an idiot.

neebed; neebish; neeber
Contraction of 'inebriate'.
Better pass this guy. He's driving like a neeb.

Q: What are you doing for St. Pat's?
A: Goin out to get my neeb on!
by joespagg March 18, 2006
Top Definition
Variation of Noob. Neeb means a Noob who is too nooby to be given the title Noob.

If you dont know what Noob is see Noob.
For example-

Person 1- Oi Neeb!
Person 2- 1i3k 0m9z0r sh00t 00p j0o ub3rn00b3rfr00b3rn33brz01d!!!!!11!!11!!!!
by The Neeb November 27, 2004
neebs is a word used in fife which is shorted for neebur
awryteeee neebs hows it gaw?
by FrozenUndies ;D July 01, 2010
code word for "blunt" or any other form of weed ready to be smoked. Usually used in conjunction following the word Shneeb
nigga I ain't burned one all day, lets Shneeb a Neeb
by Taylow April 07, 2013
A neeb is a "super noob." A noob that surpasses the common noob in noobieness. Use when somebody really, really sucks and is pissing you off.
You neeb! Stop spawn camping and play the game!
by llamaboy772 September 22, 2006
sometimes a musty cunt
that neebs is a musty cunt
by cuntknocker February 19, 2010
An abbreviation of neighbour, or neebur. Mainly said in the shite county of Fife!
awryt neebs! am mad wi it pal!
by PureMadMental December 04, 2009
Abbreviation of inebriated.

To be stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)
"Let's get neebs tonight"
by Cooky_Monster February 06, 2012
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