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you're alone or you have no friends.
used in the badland o fife...all other definitions say it's shortened for neebor but it actually means you have NAE NEEBORS.

haha look at ailsa, she's pure neebs.
aye, you fuckin knowes it.
by mr grrrrrrrr August 04, 2010
Stemming from the word "inebriated" ( another term for drunk), a Neeb is a word used to describe someone who is drunk
"Look at Scott. He is such a Neeb at the moment."
by Marvie2 June 02, 2009
A person with a small penis.
Example 1)
"You're a neeb" -
"You have a small penis"

Example 2)
"That's neebish" -
"Your current manner is reminiscent of one who possesses a small penis"
by DukeSexington February 09, 2008
a useful being, tall, dark, handsome. good for out drinking, out witting, and out doing you in about everything. he is out to get you, sucker
you have just been neebed.
by kelBhave October 31, 2007
Derogatory slang for an African American person.

Hey, look at those sketchy neebs.
by Street Knowledge Teacher Guy April 21, 2009
Meaning: Rappist, molester, stalker, someone creepy or unattractive. Originiates from a man who slept with extremely young women.
That man over there is a neeb; he follows me around everywhere.
by -bebe*fcuk:; May 27, 2009
A word commonly used to descibe a person in a shooting game that throws a fit when he/she is killed. they commonly will scream and yell into the head set. Neebs are commonly found in games such as halo, halo 2, gears of war and so on and so forth. Neebs are the worst people to play with because if they win or lose the neeb will either scream in anger or scream in pure delight.
The neeb screamed in pure delight after winning a match
the neeb screamed in anger after he was killed
by poop in toilet January 23, 2007