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Somebody who thinks they're a legend but really they arn't.
" oh look at jason - he is such a nedge
by Biffabecky February 28, 2008
A girl who's not quick legal yet, but you know is smoking hot. And when the day comes you will be all over her. In some places can be used as an adjective, which puts it in an illegal context, albeit even Smurf-ian.
(N) Did you see that little nedge in the mall man, if only I was still in high school.

(Adj) I would totally nedge that girl bro.
by KywoNitro January 12, 2010
The awesomeness of the Zune that it gets its own epic word.
My Zune is so Nedges it owns your I-pod!
by Alex Sheldon January 09, 2009
Abv. To be near the edge. Abbreviation of the words Near and Edge. Usually in description of someones mental state of mind, but can have other connotations.
That guys nedge, he's gonna bust his nut!

I was so nedge I almost fell off!
by Tesfurdo August 25, 2006
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