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When a woman's neck becomes wrinkled and folded with age that it looks like a Vagina
Hillary Clinton passed out today and received a concussion. The picture CNN posted of her made her look like she had a Neckgina
by HipHopBlows December 17, 2012
When your neck has so many fat rolls that it looks like a vagina.
Look at this! When I push my chin fat together I have a neckgina!!!
by Gaga Ooh La La June 03, 2011
a Vagina on your neck
Guy 1 dude u have a neckgina
Guy 2 A wat?
Guy 1 you have a Vagina on your neck
by nimka August 10, 2008
Made by the loose skin around the neck under the chin after vast weightloss.
Fat ba***rd at the end of Austin Powers Goldmember has a vagina on his neck (his neckgina).
by soany September 12, 2006