A person that eats a lot of junk food and smokes marijuana almost every day. large amount of food combined with the smoking of marijuana will often create a rather large muffin top.
Dude look at that muffin top, he must be a Nebula.
by dingleberrie February 22, 2012
Top Definition
Another Variety of Marijuana, one of the best tastes I ever got to toke, it got a fruity flavour and scent. And it also offers a transcendental buzz.
Dude#1: Hey Dude, it's boring let's go smoke some nebula.
Dude#2: Good idea.
by Itoke July 30, 2006
An awesome stoner-rock band from Palm Desert, same as fellow stoner-rock bands Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Nebula are a proper stoner-rock band, not posers. They make music to mong to.
Stoner: Dude, you gotta hear some Nebula! They're so much better when you're high!
Ignorant Kid: Nah, I prefer Fall Out Boy
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
Similar to a s'more, but instead of marshmallows, you roast starburst candies over the fire. Chocolate is optional

Plural nebulae
"Hey man wanna come over for s'mores?"
"Nah, but if you have starbursts, I'm up for a nebula or two"
by Metaphetamines December 13, 2014
A cool/1337 counter-strike player.
Look its a bird, look its a plane, no look it's NEBULA! dun dun dun!
by Jehhry.1337 March 18, 2005
A legendary leet cs player.
You better recognize Nebula cause he just pwned you right now!
by The-Jehry / Flip March 21, 2005
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