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Used to describe any overweight man with mid-length brown hair and a beard, giving the impression of what Jesus would be like if McDonalds and DVDs existed in 4th century Judea.

Popularised by the movie 'The Hangover'
1. Quote from The Hangover: "Let's go handsome, come on. Not you, Fat Jesus!"

2. Eric: "Hey, look at that rotund beardy guy over there"

Ralph: "Yeh, he's a total Fat Jesus"

3. Jack Black is sometimes a Fat Jesus
by desperate_d January 09, 2010
To hand a joint to a fellow pothead. Especially when in a circle of people.

Always pass to the left.
Dude, pass that doob!
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
An absolutely fantastic comedy show that originally ran on Channel 4 for two series in 1999 and 2001.

It starred Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson, Nick Frost, Julia Deakin, Mark Heap and Katy Carmichael as a group of friends living in a flat perched on the edge of reality.

The show is heavily based around popular culture, with references to Pulp Fiction, the Tomb Raider games and Star Wars, amongst others, playing crucial parts in plotlines.

Not many people have heard of it, although it is a very quotable show.
Spaced is the show which launched 1000 quotes:

"Skip to the end!"

"Cock locked, and ready to rock!"

"Timmy? fetch me my tools..."

"You Lando!"

And so on...
by desperate_d April 22, 2009
An awesome stoner-rock band from Palm Desert, same as fellow stoner-rock bands Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Nebula are a proper stoner-rock band, not posers. They make music to mong to.
Stoner: Dude, you gotta hear some Nebula! They're so much better when you're high!
Ignorant Kid: Nah, I prefer Fall Out Boy
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
Pronounced 'bow-sh'

A safer and trendier way of saying bullshit, can be used around teachers, children and elderly people without fear of getting done for anti-social language.
Mick: England's performance at the 2010 World Cup is utter bullsh...
Child: My young mind remains unsoiled due to your use of the word bullsh
by desperate_d June 18, 2010
A Scene Kid is a really pathetic loser, about 13-16, who follows current trends, or the scene, because they are insecure about their own identity and feel the need to copy others.

At the moment Scene Kids typically dress like a cross between Emo and Nu Rave. Both sexes wear tight black skinny jeans, brighly coloured Converse and check/studded belts. Expect them to go 'punk rawk revolution!' in a couple of years time.

Male Scene Kids wear tight band T shirts or neon T's with angular patterns. They wear wristbands showing all the gigs they've ever been to, have some kind of facial piercing and have black hair with a shock of bright colour, cut in the Emo style.

Female Scene Kids wear 80's style clothing with clashing colours and patterns, big jewelery, ridiculous amounts of neon makeup and have pretty similar hair to the guys, only longer and sometimes backcombed.

They listen to bands in the current disco/nu rave/post hardcore scene, bands that NME go ape about, and bands with copious punctuation in their names, such as Hadouken!, Does It Offend You Yeah? and !!!

Scene Kids spend their days on social networking sites, such as MySpace or Bebo, talking to fellow Scene Kids about new bands and clothes they bought. They also like taking 'arty' photographs of themselves at mind-bending camera angles in their bathrooms.

They often retain traces of previous scenes they were into, such as liking rap music or wearing skate shoes. They think they're the 'in' crowd when they actually end up looking like twats.

Scene Kids are basically people who follow the crowd and steal from other social groups to fit in.
Scene Kid 1: Dude! Check out my vintage Vans! All the cool kids are wearing them!
Scene Kid 2: Wow! Not as awesome as my retina-buring T shirt I got from H&M!
Scene Kid 3: Hey, check out this band on MySpace! They're called Kitasuki!!*&?
Normal Kid: You guys are losers...
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
Used to describe when the pubic hair surrounding a man's nipples converge downwards, forming a beard-like frame for the nipple. Can be considered sexy.
Keith: "Check out mah hairy nipples baby..."

Alison: "Wow! I love a man with Gandalf Nips!"
by desperate_d January 09, 2010

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