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Quiet, sexy, smart, would do anything for his friends or his x-box 360. Loves to drink at home with good friends, or spend the day long boarding with his step daughter. In short, his imperfections make him perfect.
"Oh you need a ride to the airport at 3:00am, Neal will do it."
by Neals Babydoll February 03, 2010
150 93
1 Naturally born genious; prodigy.
2 Perfection.
3 The most eminent, pure, intelligent, gifted form of the human mind and being.
"That guy is almost as smart as Neal, but in all actuality he could never come close."
by Albert Einstein September 18, 2003
898 394
cutter king.
everything the average human is not.
neal has entered the courts. all hail.
by Neal Aka CK January 09, 2008
374 235
Bad ass kid who plays his cards straight. Tends to be really good at school, but competes in sports too. Very busy outside of school. Very athletic
Neal Smart kid, but is good at all the sports
by Neiil September 11, 2008
334 199
Neal Is A Guy Who Is Obviously Fuckin Sexier Than Alex...And Niki Knows This Fact Aswell
Oh Hey Look At Those Guys Overe There!

The One On The Right Is Such A Neal!

Yeahh The Other One Is An Alex
by Nealisforreal January 20, 2010
151 81
someone who faps everywhere, at anytime.
Person 1: what is he doing in there?
Person 2: i bet he's fapping on a rug
Person 1: oh neallllll
by the understand April 13, 2011
51 62
to smoke either weed or a tobacco product
Bouta go for a neal, u down?
by hava May 14, 2007
114 169