Was a girl who live in San Antonio but moved to Germany. She was beautiful, and wonderful. Its a very nostalgic story.
Nayeli is the one I love, and miss.
by M-boy March 08, 2006
Top Definition
1. Native American,California, name meaning "I love you."
2. Aztec name, popular in Mexico.
Nayeli: "My name is Nayeli."
Sally: "How awfull, is that really your name?"
Nayeli: "Yes, well, it means 'I love you.' "
Sally: "Oh, ok.
Nayeli: "Well, Sally sounds like a fat girl's name."
by Homeless October 10, 2005
Nayeli meaning "I love you"
Nayeli is a beautiful girl. Normally hangs out around boys. Likes to play with bb guns. At school she hangs out with girls. Known as a badass rebel.
by 🔻DREAMER🔻 November 30, 2014
Beautiful, funny girl that catches attention by many. Is outgoing, people tend to trust her easily, very unique just like her name so if you know a Nayeli you're lucky!
"Hey do you know Nayeli?"
"Of course I do! Who doesn't?"
by Kat.22 August 04, 2015
Nayeli is a type of girl who loves to sing, loves to read, loves animals, loves her friends and family, loves anime, and loves to be unique
"Wow Mikayla you are a real Nayeli"
"Thank you, you too"
by Leli_Jimenez October 03, 2015
southwestern Mexican name from the zapotec's culture meaning "I love you" in the zapotec's dialect
Nayeli is a popular name in the mexican today's pop culture
by an intelligent chick November 13, 2012

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