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The feeling you get when you have to go to the bathroom.
"Nature's callin" or "nature calls" is usually how nature's call is said in a sentence.

Guy #1: Dude, where you going so fast?

Guy #2: Nature calls!
by chocolate box July 22, 2006
the need to use the toilet
I awoke to nature's call in the middle of the night.
by Light Joker January 18, 2007
noun A term used to define, in a G-Rated dialect, the urge to take a massive dump.
1. Jimmy: You don't look so good. What's the rush?
Timmy: I have to answer nature's call!

2. Kimmy: Hey, what's up?
Bimmy: One moment, nature calls.
by cool guy with cool shoes June 08, 2015

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