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A typo of the name Billy in the NES video game, "Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones".

Angry Video Game Nerd: Bimmy and Jimmy? There's a typo in a
Nintendo game. Let alone a fucking Double Dragon game and it's the first screen!
by VideoGamerLeet October 14, 2007
Continuous, senseless, pointless blabbering
Verb: the manager bimmied on for hours
Noun: "Oh God enough with the talking already! Don't be such a Bimmy"
Abstract Noun - 'Asking of uselss questions led to further Bimmification in the conference'
Adverb - "Robin could have replied to the question in 2 words but she chose to do so Bimmily"
by noisepopuli January 25, 2013
This word is based on a character portrayed by a monkey in suspended trousers in the 1950s television show "Howdy Doody"; This monkeys' name is "Mr. Bim" in this series.
The human descript of Mr. Bim is a relation to the anatomical construct of a toy of "Mr. Brim" that features a hideous unovelesque grody plastic face and hairy apeish body like that of a real monkey. Brings us to the word "Bimmy"; A human with similar or exact anatomical features of an ape or monkey-e.g. exagerated limbs, hairy or "plushy" areas of the body, fake appearance as a "human" and a mind to hoard bananas.
The child at the Zoo pointed to the man staring at the lion, and said to his Mother; "Hey, look ma! that man is a Bimmy!", noting that the man staring at the lion sported a tank top shirt exposing a rather hideously, unusual patch of hair on his shoulders and back, and his knuckles were curled inwards laying on the ground beside him.
by d.e.m.o. November 03, 2011
Lackey/scrub/low level worker/jerk-off/white trash scum bag, usually refering to maintenance or janitorial type employee.
- The fucking Bimmy stole a screwdriver from my apartment.
- Did the Bimmy fix our sink yet?
by Matt Millman January 26, 2007