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A little goes an extra rich, deep, delicious, long way.
Her pole was very natural.
by natural clarker October 19, 2009
4 8
blacks with unrelaxed unpermed hair, no fake hair. no fake nails. just straight up black beauty.
i wish more blacks would go natural and reconize their true beauty, without eroupeon infulences.
by charmain September 09, 2003
188 73
An alternate term for the afro hairstyle.
I ran my comb through my natural, threw on my 8-ball jacket, and sat out on the stoop watching the cars roll by.
by stop it loser February 26, 2009
79 20
Breasts that don't have implants.

Huge breasts that are naturals and haven't had implants.
"OMG, are those natural?"

"OMG, those are huge. Are they natural?"
by Dean P. Costusumon X May 04, 2005
58 19
1. To be free of any superficial, artificial, media, or society created additives.

2. To go back to the basics of how you or any given object was created.
"I prefer things natural, how God intended."
by coolslaw March 27, 2008
56 23
A natural is a hippie-type person. They don't go all out to look hip, they just live. Like chciks who dont shave their legs and are all baggy and saggy. I mean, its not a bad thing. But like Iv'e seen some people (my mom) who are SUCH naturals. They wear drapey clothing from the ORIGIN.
I saw this chick with dreads and she was such a natural.
by oblivious November 16, 2004
53 36
in craps, rolling a 7 or 11 on a come out roll
the shooter rolled a natural so we won our pass bets
by Jenfucius June 28, 2005
29 21
To stay true to oneself despite increase in cash or fame
"We the big dogs out here, but we still act natural."

"My homie blowin' up and gettin' mad money, but he still act natural."
by Slugdog Millionaire November 01, 2013
3 2