the most chill beer in the world, drank by all lax bros even some bro's from canada that cross the border ever weekend so that the sweet sweet taste of natty can be enjoyed buy all laxers in the world
guy 1- dude, i just got a 30 rack of natty ice for your party
guy 2 - that so chill bro
girl - i love lax bros, im gunna give you both dome!
by laxman00 December 14, 2010
A beer popular among frat boys and bustas for being cheap and having a slightly higher alcohol content than other beers. Natty Ice tastes like shit and, contrary to popular belief, will get only the worst lightweight drunk quicker because it is, after all, still just a beer. Ironically, most people that drink natty ice probably come from affluent families and can afford something better.
After drunkenly stumbling upon a gatorade bottle full of clean urine being kept in the fridge for an upcoming drug test, Eric mistakes the urine for actual gatorade, takes a sip and then exclaims "Fuck! This gatorade tastes like natty ice!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
A pill popping ass hoe who only loves you for your money and occasionally you tits.
A Natty-Ice just snorted a month old advil after sucking on the D.
by Mahbestbud be a Natty-Ice January 27, 2014
A drink commonly consumed by bros, who are about to be bro raped, or who are about to commit bro rape. Usually accompanied by Jack Johnson music and any gamecube game.
Bro 1:"Hey bro, do you like Jack Johnson?"

Bro 2:"Man, I love Jack Johnson!"

Bro 1:"Sweet! I got some Natty ice and a gamecube, you want to go up to my room and play and talk about it?"

Bro 2:"Uh... yeah, okay..."

(This is a common bro-rape scenario)
by Vincere December 11, 2010
Used to describe something that is mediocre or sub-par
"Yo...that's natty ice kid"
by Bodacious September 13, 2006
Damn good. awesome. dank nasty. pretty much anything legit. funny because it is ironic.
That party last night was crazy, yeah it was pretty much natty ice.
by werd up mike July 30, 2008
nickname for girls who are bimbos and walk in large groups who questions her text messages yet sends them with exclamation points. these girls preferably wear the designer HUDSON jeans when going out on the town and always has her 2 packets of gum ready in purse!
I want me some Natty Ice bitch.
Natty Ice give me some gum!
by T.send October 06, 2007

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