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A plastic disposable cup popular for beer pong as well as for making mixed drinks, as the words SOLO on its side can help you eyeball how much of each liquid to put in. Also known as a keg cup, or simply a Solo.
"I need to pick up some solo cups for tonight's party"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
A beer popular among frat boys and bustas for being cheap and having a slightly higher alcohol content than other beers. Natty Ice tastes like shit and, contrary to popular belief, will get only the worst lightweight drunk quicker because it is, after all, still just a beer. Ironically, most people that drink natty ice probably come from affluent families and can afford something better.
After drunkenly stumbling upon a gatorade bottle full of clean urine being kept in the fridge for an upcoming drug test, Eric mistakes the urine for actual gatorade, takes a sip and then exclaims "Fuck! This gatorade tastes like natty ice!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
The most extreme mixed drink known to man. A ghetto romance includes Everclear filled up to the bottom plastic ridge in a solo cup, a can of redbull and a little bit of Gatorade. This combination of strong alcohol, caffeine, as well as the electrolyte fucking up Gatorade will cause even the biggest heavyweight drinkers to experience a Ghetto Romance before the night is over.
"No one can escape Ghetto Romance night!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
Refers to the buzz many people get the first few times they smoke a cigarette. This buzz leads to enhanced pleasure, decreased anxiety and a state of alertness (not unlike yay). It lasts about 5-10 minutes, and will become more mild as dependency settles in, before finally disappearing forever (the nicobuzz will not return even if you quit smoking for years), replaced by coughing, cancer and the loss of $20 a week. Don't smoke, kids.
"Man, I just smoked a three packs of steegs and feel a litte bit of a nicobuzz that I haven't had for years!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
A term originally used to define high quality marijuana, since the term has increased in popularity, drug dealers now use it very loosely to increase the price of average bud. Many bustas who have not smoked enough weed to tell the difference between high and mid quality nuggets will be fooled into buying overpriced "headies" because they are led to believe it is good. If someone reps their weed for being headies, stay away from them.
You: "I just scored some headies for only $60 an eighth!"
Me: "You're a faggot"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
1: Something gross, low-class or unclean. Originally meaning neat in apperance, the word natty ironically became its an antonym for itself over time, thanks in large part to its adoption by Rastafarian slang. When the Bob Marley and the Wailers album Natty Dread was released, "natty" was used positively to describe the "dread" as hip or cool. When people realized that Rastafarians are stupid and don't shower and the "natty" dread is actually gross, the word changed meanings.
2: Natural Light or Natural Ice beers are commonly referred to as "Natty" instead of "Natural," reenforcing the new meaning of Natty (def 1).
3: A filterless, hand rolled cigarette that is very harsh on the lungs, smells terrible, and, if not rolled correctly, can be a chore to smoke.
1: "She's hot, but I heard she doesn't shave and has a real natty, hairy pussy."
2: "I wanted to get wasted at that party, but all they had was Natty Light, so I huffed gasoline instead."
3: "I hate smoking nattys, but rolling tobacco is just SO cheap!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007
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