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The term Natalija refers to the post-modern Serbian concept of schmuck, a smudged ideal proliferated through female gender empowerment networks during the 1990s Eastern Bloc exodus following the breakdown of Soviet powers and the hegemonic rise of Western Capitalism's embracement of meaningless corporate art. It is important to remember that the concept of Natalija fits purely within the pathos of the blanket term 'schmuck' and its consequent ideal, allowing the term Natalija a slippery definition which can be utilized in situations displaying false meaning through the over-use of academic jargon or troweled artistic lines.
Phil says: "structural economies makes sense in an information era riding on a Deridian conceptual platform."
Teri says: "don't try to woo me with that phat load of Natalija"
by fractal_p January 18, 2014
Natalija is a Nigerian term of a Palm tree, whitch grows in rainforest.
When I was in rainforest in Nigeria, monkeys and local children were playing together on natalija.
by Prof. George D. Smith August 25, 2008
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