A gorgeous sweet girl who many people mistake as being a supermodel. Has a rocking body with sexy curves, radiant soft skin and gorgeous thick hair which all guys want to run thier hands through. Can be shy at first but when people get to know her they will discover they've made a friend for life, a natalie is the bestest friend you could ever get, she has a hilarious sense of humour and often gives people stitches. Boys throw themselves at natalies, they love her delicious kissing, she's utterly deseriable and every guy wants a piece of her. They get lost in her big dazzling eyes framed by thick dark lashes. And can't help but kiss her when they see her full edible lips, they think she has the most beautiful captivating smile. Guys drool at her long slim legs and perfect boobs. Hates getting into arguements with people and has trouble with choosing the right friends. But when she does find the right friends she becomes bubbly,chatty and a laugh. Girls are jealous about her beauty probablly because she's one of the few girls who are beautiful inside and out. Is very hurt when she hears people talking about her behind her back and wonders what she ever did to them? At a party she captures everybodys eye with her foxy dress style, guys find her very alluring. She enjoys match-making her friends with hot guys, gives the best advice and is always there for a girly chat. A Natalie is everything a guy could want sexy, smart, funny, adorable and amazing in bed.
by Tali_re September 04, 2011
an amazing friend, she'll love you no matter what and always stick by you, and she's a great secret keeper. she's hysterical, and very loyal and fun.
Dude: Hey who's that?
Dude 2: That;s natalie.
Dude: natalie?
dude 2: yep, she's a superstar.
by xxx33xxx August 18, 2011
A sweet loving girl. She has a lot of charm,beauty and is super cute. She is usually very shy at first but she will open up. She doesnt trust easily. But she does fall for people very fast. She has a smile that can light up the whole room. She can always cheer u up even when she is feeling down.and is super funny and can make almost anyone laugh.She is super good at keeping ur secrets and a GREAT friend/girlfriend. She is very loyal. Natalie is super creative and is determined to do something she wants. Her passions: Music, her friends/boyfriend, and then their hobby.Sometimes she can be a little flirty but when she finds the right guy she will settle down. Natalie is almost perfect with a few mistakes.
If ur feeling down? Get a NATALIE!

Friend#1:Man, that girl over their is stunning.

Friend#2: yeah.. she must be a natalie!
An amazing, beautiful, hot, best friend, who is an amazing person. She will go to the moon and back for you, just to get a hamburger.
Matt: Hey, doesn't Natalie have a nice ass?
by BillyBob20 September 24, 2011
Sweet, amazing, great dancer. Someone who is fun to be around. Funny, beautful, smart and outgoing. Easily annoyed but she won't lash out at the person who pisses her off or anyone else really. She always has a lot of friends.
Who should we invite to the party?
I don't know, deffinately Natalie though.
by sweetypie! January 12, 2011
A girl with the heart of an angel, the mouth of a sailor and the beauty of a goddess. she doesnt see her beauty but everyone around her does. She's insecure and is unhappy with her body but is slowly trimming down the weight. Easy to talk to and always has a smile on her face. she hides all of her sadness in that smile. keeping her feelings held tight and when she finally lets it out, she's aggressive. dont get on her bad side she will beat the crap out of you, she'll always be there for you and will always have your back. so caring she can kill you with her kindness. family and friends are her life, leave her with no reason behind it and you will leave her in tears. she knows how to have a good time. you will never go wrong with a girl named natalie.
I love natalie, she's always there for me. She's my bestfriend.

Damn natalie's soo hot i wish she would suck my cock.
by s0megirlnig November 27, 2011
A student. Nay, a scholar.
Why won't you guys let Natalie study? She's a student. Nay! A scholar!
by somethingscholarly1 July 06, 2009

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