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A sweet loving girl. She has a lot of charm,beauty and is super cute. She is usually very shy at first but she will open up. She doesnt trust easily. But she does fall for people very fast. She has a smile that can light up the whole room. She can always cheer u up even when she is feeling down.and is super funny and can make almost anyone laugh.She is super good at keeping ur secrets and a GREAT friend/girlfriend. She is very loyal. Natalie is super creative and is determined to do something she wants. Her passions: Music, her friends/boyfriend, and then their hobby.Sometimes she can be a little flirty but when she finds the right guy she will settle down. Natalie is almost perfect with a few mistakes.
If ur feeling down? Get a NATALIE!

Friend#1:Man, that girl over their is stunning.

Friend#2: yeah.. she must be a natalie!

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