(n) A contraction for "no ass at all." Frequently used to describe women who are otherwise attractive or gainly.
I can't buy Levi's in my waist size because they are made for people with nassatall.
by nplastic January 28, 2004
Top Definition
A flat ass. Variation of "No ass at all".
Yo, bingo's wifey got a serious case of Nassatall.
by Boogaloo April 22, 2004
A female having poorly shaped, often flat buttocks, sometimes referred to as a "pancake ass".
Damn yo, that b got a bad case of nassatall!
by Pax Dogg April 16, 2003
1. Truncated version of "No ass at all."
2. A hereditary condition which renders a woman's bottocks flat or deflated.
She's cute, but she has nassatall.
by Shazel October 24, 2005
someone who has a flat ass
"hey do ya like that chick nah she has nassatall"
by cloud March 30, 2015
pronounced: nasa-tall

A person possessing little or seemingly no buttocks endowment.

Although it may seem humorous, nassatall has been the cause of humiliation nation wide.
"She must have been sitting down for a REEEEEEAALY long time...because she got nassatall."
by ScubaDubaSteve January 29, 2008
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