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4 definitions by Boogaloo

A flat ass. Variation of "No ass at all".
Yo, bingo's wifey got a serious case of Nassatall.
by Boogaloo April 22, 2004
26 5
Also known as "the blogging class", it is a classification of middle-class and upper-middle-class person(s) who make ample use of a blog to eschew personal opinions and views, often of a socio-political nature.
"Yo, clearly the 2004 election will come down to the blog class decision, if they get off their ass."
by Boogaloo October 20, 2004
6 0
(Noun) The dead baby of Laci Peterson.

Also, a cute fellow who only had 33 weeks of life to give.

Someone who had trouble swimming.

Someone who suffers as a result of either a fishing accident or being the child of a woman who didn't listen.
You have to be careful when you're out at sea, otherwise you might end up like lil' Connor.
by Boogaloo December 26, 2004
11 7
A white friend.
"Ayo, bingo I got front row Knicks tickets! Schneider!"
by Boogaloo April 22, 2004
2 14