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When someone does something spectacular, amazing, and/or unbelievable, like Steve Nash would do on the basketball court.
Dude, the way you did that back flip was nashty!

After killing 10 people in a row in Halo, my friend said, "Shit man, that was nashty!"

When I saw this kid playing basketball, and he did a 360 spin and threw the ball up, and it miraculously went in, I thought to myself, "man, that was nashty!"

by Chris Gilbert December 06, 2007
- The act of failing in the most simplest situations that involve minimal effort.

- The act of extracting banana juice from the source without first removing the fruit from the plant.
Uses of the word:
That was an easy class I can't believe you went all Nashty.
by -KiT-Kat April 30, 2013
When something or someone is awesome, incredible, amazing, etc.
When it comes to playing spades, I am too nashty.

The Ohio State University football team is too nashty! ;)
by The Ultimate in Nashtiness December 08, 2008
when something is gross.
Instead of saying "nasty"
Thats "nashty"
by Josh April 28, 2003

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