Naruto is a stupid, way too overpopular manga/anime. HERE'S why:

1.The characters, in both the manga and anime, are terribly drawn. What kind of a half-assed author was it that created it, anyway?
2. Any manga/ anime that has a main character named Sakura is stupid and half-assed, anyway. That is an overused fucking name.
3. The people that wear those retarded headbands? Ohmygod, do they knowhow retarded they look. Waste of money. People that wear them to stores, malls, and school? FAIL.
4. It's really an anime for people that don't know quality anime. Go watch some Deathnote or Ouran High, PLEASE.
5. I actually saw an episode to see how freaking terrible it was; I was very dissapointed that any functioning members of the human race would even sit through an episode of the anime. A little blond son-of-a-bitch was running around eating 812972 pounds of food, yelling "BELIEVE IT!" in his little gay orange jumpsuit. What the fuck kind of ninja is that?
6. Which brings up another fact. I know that ninjas don't always dress in black, killing people silently. But, I'll be damned if they run around in bright orange jumpsuits yelling "BELIEVE IT!". What the fuck am I supposed to be believing here anyway? That ninjas are loud, annoying, and dressed in bright orange?....disbelief! =0
7. The anime is created for little kids, anyway. That means, everyone 14 and under, and everyone thinks they're pretty damn dorky, too. If you're over 15 and you watch it? I have nothing to say to you. You're a disgrace to mankind, son.
8. It will soon die out anyway, once people notice how retarded it is. Even the Narutards, who are already, obviously, RETARDED.
9. About 90% of the episodes are fillers, everyone can agree on that. It is way too fucking long, each fighting scene lasts for about 5 episodes.
NARUTARD!:omg i luv naruto it is so cool :D wo0o0o0ot!
Tom: Uh, it's really not that great.
NARUTARD!: WAT DID U SAY! =0 MAY <insert stupid over-used japanese name here> HAV MRCY ON UR SOUL!
Tom: Uh, right. How much do you watch that fucking stupid show, anyway?
NARUTARD!: Lik evryday, it comes on my fav channl (some stupid toon channel that doesn't understand anime), right before my beddy-bye time! (nine-o-clock in the evening)
Tom: Okay, whatever. You give otakus a bad name. That's why the Japanese hate them. Go get a life.
NARUTARD!: well i couldnt imagin lif without naruto! >:
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Top Definition
1. The swirly thingamabobs in your Ramen that tast like bean curd.
2. Decent manga about some ninja kids.
1. I ate the naruto.
2. My friend really likes the Naruto manga.
by nikkan_hanil December 11, 2003
Naruto is an excellent anime and manga series which is still running. It is about a young boy named Naruto who has the Ninetailed Fox Demon sealed inside him. He was hated by his village for having the demon in him. His dream is to become the #1 ninja in the village and have everyone acknowledge him. He is put on a team with Sasuke and Sakura under their teacher Kakashi. Together they go through many tasks with important lessons in the end. This is an excellent series with beautiful animation, touching scenes, great music, and kick-ass fighting!
by Cherushi November 09, 2003
1. The name of the popular anime/manga series which is licensed by ShoPro.

2. The name of a character in "Naruto". Naruto is a young boy who was born with a nine-tailed demon fox sealed inside him. Naruto then was shunned by adults who feared the kyuubi inside him. Naruto was then taken to the ninja academy and became a class slacker. After, he was assigned to Team 7 which consists of Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura. Eventually, Sasuke and Naruto became rivals and developed a sense of friendship. Naruto, along with his team, participated in the Chuunin Exam. Shortly after, Naruto was targeted by members of Akatsuki, which was interested in the kyuubi inside Naruto. When Sasuke was bothered with the thought of being weak, he betrayed Konoha and sought power by giving up his body to Orichimaru. Further information is unknown.
1. Naruto is on the TTL(Top Ten List) for anime.

2. "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu(Shadow Replication Technique)"-Naruto
by .:A.|N.|B.|U.[G.M.] May 04, 2005
The Number 1 Ninja At Surprising People.
I will never take back my words.
- That is my way of the ninja.
by Hokage-sama January 26, 2004
A very unoverhyped manga and anime that has legions of followers in the states because of it's indetifiable, distinctive, yet simple characters. Top notch animation, great battle choreography, and an innovative rehashing of fantasy martial arts.
Naruto rocks!
by big anime fan, bigger naruto fan September 07, 2003
1. The name of a popular japanese manga/anime geared toward the young male population much in the same style as Dragonball Z, yet holds appeal toward a wide audience due in large part to the varied and unique cast.

2. Main character in said manga/anime. Characterized by his blonde hair, orange clothes, and the demon fox which was sealed within his belly soon after his birth. He can draw upon the energy of the demon at will to increase his strength.
1. I reccomend to sate your curiosities.

2. I'd give you a quote or something, but I don't know how to use japanese.
by Pablo del Fuego January 15, 2005
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