Nasty. But replace the "ass" in nasty (n-ass-ty) with "arse".
That fat balding man is so narsty-looking.
by Amanda May 22, 2003
When something is so coolllllllllll that instead in saying nasty its narsty, or if something is sooooooo grossss say narsty
man two girls one cup was narsty
by skaterj666 October 04, 2010
a derivative of nasty. Meaning disgusting or gross. See abbreviated forms: nars, narse.
"Whoa! That is one narsty scab! Where'd you get it from?"
"Dude, I got jumped by ghetto gang bangers the other night and they tore my face up."
"Man.... that's narsty...."
by shopaholic123 November 21, 2009
Someone who has one or more of the following charicteristics:
2 or more hair colors
Eats too much
doesn't wash clothes
laughs at everything, even when it's not funny
"Hey Tim!"
"Yeah Tom?"
"Did you see that ugly disgusting girl?"
"What about her?"
by xiphos September 25, 2009
A whole 10x grosser than nasty.
Disgusting beyond belief.
Billy:"Yo, did you see that fat chick?"
Dave:"Yeah, that girl was Narsty."
by jumboshrimp589 September 26, 2008
invented by a girl named ava in new york.
girl 1: Ew, what is that !
girl 2: gross thats narsty !
by dayum thats hott August 22, 2008
A word one uses to show there lack of intelligence.
You said Narsty so you must be a Dumbass.
by Mel Phil May 27, 2009
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