3 definitions by E-rizzle-dizzle

Basically a retardation of the word nasty, but invoking more disgust and repulsion.

"Ugh, did you see those autopsy close ups on CSI?"

"Yeah, that was narsty."
by E-rizzle-dizzle February 14, 2008
When one is carrying an extremely large amount of fat around the mid-section.
Damn, Viridian's got a bakery of rolls.
by E-rizzle-dizzle February 14, 2008
An exclemation of surprise, happiness, frustration, confusion, anger, etc.

Origin: "Dang" meaning "oh, snap!"
"Shaquille" from the tradtionally black male name.
1.)Dang Shaquille! That door just had a head on collision with my face.

2.) Dick (to Martha)- "Your face is ugly!"
Jane (observer)- "Ooo, Dang Shaquille!"
by E-rizzle-dizzle February 14, 2008

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