"Not a Rick Roll"

Term is used to denote a video link is not a Rick Roll and is in fact, legitimate.
You see this yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFGb8DnWFds (NARR)
by egrissom December 02, 2008
Top Definition
The act of being stupid and than trying to play it off, but eventually someone notices.
D drops the blunt and trys to pick it up before anyone notices and everyone shouts "Narr!!!!"
by Don Antwon_shareefa October 14, 2007
A word meaning everything and nothing all at once, usually brought on by a drug induced state.
Man, what is wrong with you?
by Magius December 18, 2003
An exclamation of frustration or great physical exertion.
"NARR!!" - (Thomas Paine, 1791) Exclaimed while Paine lifted a batch of personal copies sent from the publisher of the "Rights of Man" from the floor on to his drafting table.
by malcolm816 December 11, 2008
1. (adj.)- Stupid, foolish
2. (n) - A stupid person (also: Narr-narr head)
3. (n)- Ben
"I set my house on fire yesterday!" "Wow, that was pretty narr of you!"

Peter drowned in a puddle. He was a narr.
by Scott Caine February 17, 2008
A group of people who always cheat off each other. Numsucking assholes.
I hate those effing Narrs; they always get the curve.
by cool kid January 08, 2005
nasty, gnarly
dude, that guy's face is narr
by o-dog May 26, 2003

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