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She's úber-smart and a good looking gal. Good choice on friends may i add. I've often looked at her and thought if i could be anyone else except me, of course, i'd be narin. She has a cool dress sense and her glasses rock the world.
P1: whos that girl
P2: why i believe...
P1: yes what do u believe
P2: i believe that is narin
P1: ooooh Narin
a person who can constantly be found on msn. a very cool rock chicka. recently 16 (damn i hate her) and very interested in the works of a certain rosebud. moreover another true fan of the one and only pace :)
narinnnnnnnnnne shes so cool
by Fairy March 11, 2004
A moderately attractive transvestite from Thailand, who likes to hit on DB's.
Dude, are you pulling a narin?
by douchebag1111 April 11, 2008