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5 definitions by Fairy

1 a bad ass fairy
2 a awsome midget
3 the coolest!
bailee is the coolest bad ass fairy midget in the world!
by fairy January 06, 2005
a person who can constantly be found on msn. a very cool rock chicka. recently 16 (damn i hate her) and very interested in the works of a certain rosebud. moreover another true fan of the one and only pace :)
narinnnnnnnnnne shes so cool
by Fairy March 11, 2004
Period of recovery after break up with lover.
"I couldn't 'elp it. I was on the reband from Craig, ja na wotta maaan?"
by Fairy February 19, 2005
shoe's of bioligy teacher at seaford head
my god look at the comefuckmeboots in that shop
by fairy May 29, 2003
1 your worse nightmare!!!
2 the devil
hailee is my worse nightmare because she is insane!
by fairy January 06, 2005