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A nipple that spans most of the boob's surface
Imagine a pizza , but on a boob
by yer mom October 20, 2003
An apple that has been modified with a coating to make you sleep, but is also injected with a powerful laxative that will wake you up after fifteen minutes. Make sure you are wearing your Cinco D-Pants!
by Derrick Whipple May 29, 2009
Nipples that protrude so they look familiar to apples.
Nipples + Apples = Napples
by Charlie June 26, 2006
a nap taken on a girl's boobs
i just took the best napple on her.
by sfvt October 28, 2007
Nipples that resemble apples.
"Woah. check out them red delicious napples!"
by Verlaine Stain June 27, 2014
A napple is an apple with the space in the wrong place.
Do you want a napple?
What's that?
An apple with the space in the wrong place!
by mittfh May 12, 2012
Usually just a word to get your friends attention
friend~ So she was like-
friend~ what the fu*k
by hamster2112 November 04, 2010