The most amazingly crap film ever. Can anyone explain what was so funny. The cast should be put against a wall and shot and as for the director and producers jeez why make this crap
Tedious, boring shite as in I would rather watch paint dry whilst being castrated than watch this film ever again. In fact the day it comes on Sky Digital I will cancel my subscription..
by AndyS August 25, 2005
This movie is one of those movies where you either love it and (mis)quote it often, or you hate it and want to punch the kids who keep saying "GOSH" and "your mom goes to college!".

Especially if aformentioned kids continue to quote the movie ONE FUCKING YEAR after it came out.

ND lover: GOSH you guys! *squints eyes and opens mouth slightly to have the appearance of an imbecile*

ND hater: plz stop before I have to kill you.
by hays^asl March 23, 2005
the funniest movie ever, considering it probably cost about 100 dollars to make. also the father of every quote in an american high school.
NAPOLEON:Tina you fat lard come get some dinner!

KIP:Everyone knows i've been training to be a cage fighter

KIP: You'r just jealous cause i've been chatting online with babes all day

KIP: Your mom goes to college

GUY:what did you do again this summer?
NAPOLEON: I told you I was in alaska with my uncle hunting wolverines!
GUY: Did you shoot any?
NAPOLEON: Yeah like twenty of them, they were surrounding my cousin what would you do in that situation?
GUY: what kind of gun did you use?
NAPOLEON: a frickin' twelve gauge what do you think?

NAPOLEON: Pedro offers you his protection.

DAD: What's that in my driveway?
N: Thats my ride.

NAPOLEON: you must be Pedro's cousins with the sweet hookups!
by me.1715 January 19, 2005
One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Sure there were some funny parts, but I had heard of every single one of them before I saw the movie. Kids all around America think its cool to say quotes from this movie. This movie has been ruined, just like The Chappele show was ruined, because damn teens just say the fricken quotes all damn day. Shaun of the Dead is way funnier. This movie had potential.
No one wants to hear your attempt at sounding like Napoleon, so dont even try. "For the love of God and all that is holy"
by Jolly Mack January 10, 2005
retarded ass movie that my friends said was good i said wtf as i broke the dvd
ryan knows what he is talking about he know good movies from bad ones
by vince March 30, 2005
A really stupid movie that stars a nerdy kid, and the so called "comedy" is awful. It's half-assed.
Napoleon: Whatever I feel like, gosh!
Me: My God, why the hell do people think that's funny?
Napoleon: Gosh, idiot!
*turns off TV*
Me: I can't bare watching any more of that shitty movie "Napoleon Dynamite"...
by JordaNinten October 22, 2005
it really was a hilarious movie (a movie about virtually nothing that actually holds your attention? wow!) until all the preps started misquoting it.
when ND first came out:

booboo: have you seen ND?

me: yea it was actually funny

when the dvd came out and was being advertised all over the *friggin* tv:

prep: omg! jessica! did you see ND

prep 2: omg yes! that was the best movie ever! come get your food, you fat tub of lard tina! (which is not the actual line)

prep 3: GOSH! ha ha ha i saw it too!

prep: omg did you really ashley!

prep 3: yea and that cheerleader was hilary duffs sister! omg shes a cheerleader just like us! (these blondes are so smart, they instantly pick up on the stereotype of cheerleading in the movie) cough cough*
by pedro4prez!!! March 16, 2005

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