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People who usurp their own religious beliefs to defend their policies. Which is a sin.

People who wish to force their religion upon others while stimultaneously not living up to their religion's expectations. Which, according to Jesus, is a sin.

People who support war and then use "thou shalt not kill" as a reason against abortions.

People who say they are for less government controll over the individual, and then enforce the PATRIOT ACT, the sanctity of marriage amendment, and other civilian intrusions.

People who lower taxes for the wealthiest one percent.

People who get in to office thanks to the less educated population states. (A proven fact)

People who accuse Democrats of being spendthrifts while bankrupting our economy.

People who work for their self interests, and the interests of their campaign funders and benifactors, while in office. (Well, Democrats are infamous for that as well.)

A party that once was good, but then the southern influence came in.

People who accuse Liberals of being whiners while bitching about: Gay People, Public Displays of the Ten Commandments, and Civil Rights.

The antithesis of progress

see hypocrites Inbred Reactionaries
Peter Griffin:
"Hey Lois, look at me. I'm the two symbols of the Republican party. An elephant, and a Fat White guy who's threatened by change."

A Republican
"Damn them Liberals! First they let the women vote, then they let the blacks vote, then they let the black women vote, and now they want us to make peace with a country that did absolutely nothin to us."
by Euthanasia April 10, 2005
1. A movie that gained popular acclaim via cognitive dissonance. True to form, there is nothing funny about the movie. But when people pay money to go see and sit through the entire movie, their brain tries to rationalize the situation (especially when you go watch a stupid movie.) In the end, the individual will convince him/herself that the movie was good.

2. A movie that has been quoted by the vast pre-teen adolescent population way to many times.
1. That was the greatest movie ever. I mean, I paid money to go see it and I sat through the entire thing, so it must have been good.

2. Your mom goes to college
by Euthanasia April 13, 2005
Another dime-a-dozen band who's primary goal is to cheat people into believing that they are remotely original for having a not-so-common instrument on stage.
Guy 1
"Hey, that band yellowcard is great because they have an amazing concept. Get this, not only do they have guitar, bass, and drums...they have a VIOLIN."

Guy 2
"Yeah, but, Flogging Molly has a Violin. Led Zeppelin had a morocan string quartet for Kashmir. Likewise with the Beatles on numerous songs. Even The Who at the end of Baba O'riley."

Guy 1
"Yeah, but can their violinist play ocean avenue?
by Euthanasia April 10, 2005
A person who defends their golden calf with: death threats, Psychotic netspeak raves, Irrelevant ramblings, and highlights of the Twins' lives and how "hard" they had it when they were young as if that proves GC any less crappy.

A melodramatic suburbanite who make their own lives hard by claiming they have it hard and their parents hate them despite the fact that they are better off than 99.99% of the known world. Thinking they are hardcore because they listen to the "Tatooed Backstreet."
GC Fan:
"mie parens h8 me cuz dey tuk mah selfone now im gonna od"
by Euthanasia April 10, 2005
1. A term used to describe the recent trend after the fall out success of boy bands and glamour rap. Pop punk contains no punk quality other than untalented musicians.

2. Soccer Mom approved punk that is trendy, okay to like, and accessable at the nearest mall.

3. A hypocritical commercial gimmick that wont last. Thankfully.
Pop punk derives from histrionic teenagers who would commit suicide because their rich parents bought them a car with standard interior as opposed to leather.
by Euthanasia March 28, 2005
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