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A place full of stolen media with ebaumsworld.com plastered all over it
There is no God, because Eric Bauman hasn't been sued to hell yet.
by Smeego February 05, 2005
a device used to allow slutty girls to be uptight about their sluttyness
Slut: Did you look up my miniskirt?
Guy: Err, no?
Slut: I'm calling the cops!
by Smeego February 02, 2005
Cinema's biggest inside joke.
Dude: Hey, did you see that one part in Napoleon Dynamite where he called that guy an idiot!
Dude 2: Yeah, it was hilarious!
Dude 3: I didn't think it was that funny.
Dude: Clearly you need to be vaccinated.
by Smeego February 17, 2005
A word created to make Master Shake cooler than he already is.
Nobody's coola than Shake-zula.
by Smeego July 21, 2004
Something white people should never try to relate to
Girl: I'm half German!
Guy: Oh, which of your parents are from Germany?
Girl: My mom's from Kentucky and my dad's from Washington.
Guy: Hey, you're an idiot.
by Smeego February 24, 2005

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