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The most minimal of orgasms; barely registering as an orgasm. Condition typically caused by an inept sex partner.
My boyfriend says he's ready for some loving tonight. Given his lack of skills, I'll be lucky to even have a nanogasm.
by Indy Sparkplug May 04, 2010
A diminuitive orgasm, a jizzmic let-down. Often experienced by habitual onanists.
"After the fourth wank of teh day I only get nanogasms"
by T to the B February 28, 2006
Very small gasm, a smaller than average gasm, a gasm that is note worthy for its brevity.
Shelly characterized her relationship with Paul as poor because he was never able to push her beyond a nanogasm.
by Wonko the Sane February 28, 2006
A very, very small orgasm.
After flogging my meat hammer 23 times in one day, after the 24th time, I had a nanogasm. Then my foreskin fell off.
by Twangalanger February 28, 2006
a very small orgasm which is hardly even acknowledged
John is so bad in bed, he could hardly give his girlfriend nanogasms.
by jam fizzle April 03, 2006
Obsession and erotic enjoyment derived from the mere thinking of Apple(tm) Nano Ipod or its accessories
user1: until then, IPOD CASES!!!!
seriously. i'd get a nano just to have those SEXXXXAY cases.
user2: um we going or are u just going to have nanogasms

by Jpspiderman January 25, 2006
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