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After walking a date home, the would-be naked man is upset that he has not been invited into his date's home. So he says to his date, 'may i use your bathroom?' naked man proceeds to the bathroom, takes off all his clothes, and while the date takes off her coat, the naked man goes to his date's bed room and waits to be found. 2 out of 3 times, naked man gets laid. The other time, he gets arrested.
Dude, Adam totally gave Chloe the naked man, and it worked!!
by AlexatBU December 13, 2008
a way to get into someone's pants.

ask the person to use the bathroom. get naked and just stand there until the other person comes into the room. 2/3 they will laugh and sex you up.
Man: can i use your bathroom?
Woman: sure.
-M hurries up and gets undressed-
-W walks in-
W: okay -gets naked-

the naked man
by good old charlie brown November 25, 2008
The Naked Man is where one takes advantage of a distraction in order to shed their clothing and surprise their date with nakedness in the hope of receiving sex by means of humor, pity or sheer spontaneity.
You go to a Blind Date which turns out to be a disaster. Then you make an excuse of yourself in order to enter your dates apartment. When the date being out of the room simply strip down, and you are good to go.
The Naked Man works 2 out of 3 times.
by jesp045b January 04, 2011
An age-old activity that occurs when a male and female are together in a room. At a point when the female leaves the room, the male strips down to total nudity and strikes a pose on the nearest couch.
Rich: "Hey did you hear Kyle pulled off the "Naked Man" last night on his date with that girl from the projects? That's a classic move!!!"

Eric: Yeah, it's just ashame she threw him out into the projects completely naked and the police are filing indecent assault charges against him."
by Abcdefgh0987653212345 April 28, 2013
A really annoying person who is constantly naked and needs to cover up that tiny naked cock. Usually refers to himself in the thrid person in names such as "stuta" or simply "the stu". DIE STUTA!
Guy 1: Hey isn't that Pat Hadican over there?
Guy 2: Yeah it is, f-in naked man, he sucks.
Hadican(naked man): Hey guys STUTA *while doing retarded arm motions* is in the house!!
Guy 1 & 2: NO, BOOO STUTA!!!
by Iceman March 04, 2004
1. A man who walks around his house naked without care, even with visitors, and while washing his dishes in full view of students.
2. A well respected principal at a well established high school.
"Is naked man in his office?"
by Clothed October 07, 2006
a. a man - who is naked
b. a big dumb chode who goes by the name "Stuta"
c. Chewbaca
Black man 1 - "Yo nigga, you see that naked man over der..."
Black man 2 - "Ya daw, i see that fat mug, he's screaming 'Stuta' and dancing around"
Black man 3 - "Pshh sheeeii G, look at his little bitch-tree-stump-cock daw, shit nigga my cock be hella bigga than that naked man"
Black man 4 - "Yo dats cus you black and you roll wiff gucci condoms...nigga"
Black man 5 - "Uhhh..yea ha..we is black"
by Frank Mcgregor March 05, 2004
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