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1)the coolest girl in the world...everyone wants to be like her..people follow her to a different table, they fight over whose going to sit by her, she is also the smartest of all the humans and is most likely to be better then everone in anything she decides to do...will always be the center of attention and people wer treat her like a clebrity!!!!
1) I wish i were NAIRY (too bad U can't)
by NEO May 21, 2003
26 11
she is the best and she tries to help people and looks like an angel
by Nairy August 01, 2003
19 8
hairy nipples = nairies!!!
omg look at those nairies!!
by .k.a.r.e.n. March 20, 2004
3 7
she is dum ans so hularious
ex nurd
by suad September 04, 2003
11 15