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noun: Nahjz

1. a word used to refer to a person who is of grave strangeness:

2. any unique noise, word, phrase, side comment, or complaint:

3. a dolphin call: Eherehereherehereah!

verb: nahjzing

1. a subtle way of pestering incessantly to acquire ones wants and obtaining it without anyone else realizing they submitted:

2. beckoning for an irritating request or demand:

adjective: nahjzish

1. a feminine/bohemian/hippie style of decor or clothing:
You’re being such a Nahjz.
Was that a nahjz I heard?
She nahjzed her way into getting a new cat.
I could hear her nahjzing from the other side of the house.
That mod hat is very nahjzish.
by The real Nahjz December 29, 2011