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Someone who always complains about being cock blocked but is the biggest cock block of your whole group of friends
John: Mike why you always gotta cock block, you always text me when I'm getting it in.
Mike: Dude that was one time, your always cock blocking Vinny. Your being such a Nagy right now.
by whatwhat32111 March 26, 2011
sexually transmitted disease rooted in southern california. succumbs the genetail and/or mouth area with bumps and possibly open sores. is easy to catch from nagy's. you can tell them apart from a crowd.
"Can i get a sip?"
"Sorry, man, I have nagy."

"that stupid bitch gave me nagy"
by emily nagy November 16, 2007
To request a case of beer at your local beverage shop, indicating that you will pay for it next week, with no intention of ever paying for it.
Jeeves enters the beer distributor. "Yo Holmes, I need a Beast 30 pack. I be nagy that know I am good for it." Jeeves never returns, he just nagied them tools!
by MLW January 09, 2008
A girl that represents white trash proudly, and thinks she's the shit when it comes to hang out with a bunch of skaters.

She uses werid slang to get across what she is saying.

She drinks rapidly, and has a gnarly beer gut, and tiny legs.
James: Beer pong anyone?

James: Dude you're such a nagy, stfu.

(Example 2.)

Girl1: This party is pretty chill.
Girl2: Yeah! Everyone's having a good time.
Girl1: Let's go grab a few beers and chill by the pool.
Girl2: Sounds gre--
Guy: Sorry ladies, but Nagy came over and all the booze is now gone.

by girlfromthepark July 27, 2010
To go to your local beverage shop and give an "IOU" to the cashier, with no intent to pay for the beer.
"Yo, I wanna 10 ounce Bud, bitch. I gotta Nagy it though. I'll pay ya on Thursday". Of course, them dumbasses don't realize I ain't commin back.
by tauruslw33 December 28, 2007
A state of being totally helpless because you are clueless and can't make any decisions on your own
Hi shawn, Rich here, I need to know when you will be able to be at the house to guide me out, I am being Nagy
by greg mccormick June 14, 2004

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