Commonly heard in smoke filled gambling holes in reference to a horse who has performed in a sub par manner and has usually cost a bearded old coot his fortnightly welfare cheque.
Often implies the animal in question may be only a short trip away from the glue factory.
Carn ya nag daddy needs a new bottle o moonshine!

Damned old nag! now i'm gonna have to beat my kids for their pocket money so i can get drunk tonight!
by Haggis McHaggis October 25, 2004
Top Definition
A form of 'moaning'. Primarily used by women to complain about nearly anything and everything.
Lisa nagged continuously from the moment she opened her eyes to the moment she went to bed.
by Robbo February 26, 2005
What your mother does:
-When you don’t clean your room.
-When you procrastinate your homework..and end up not doing it until after AdultSwim.
-When you’re 22, and still living in her house
-"Damnit. Last night I told that HO to shut up..but she just kept on nagging.."
by SECKSbot September 10, 2005
1. To complain, bitch or whine
2. Person who excessively complains/bitches/whines.
"All he never does is nag, nag, nag."
by Siren November 15, 2003
1. to complain

2. an old, worn, and useless horse

3. a person who complains
Don't nag over stuff like that, it only makes me feel more like putting it off.
by The Return of Light Joker November 21, 2009
It is slang for the word nigger.
"hit them switches nags!!!"
by Tony Gavin December 17, 2004
Nags means horses this is another word for people who own horses
For example I have got to go feed the nags

I have to go muck out the nags meaning horses
by Birdiee1579 November 20, 2013
Nag. A nag is short for, New age gentleman

Means a Gentleman Online and in real life.
Girl 1: Hey I have been talking to gerald

Girl 2: How is it?

Girl 1: Nice and fun but he seems like a NAG
by Hadi OG May 20, 2015

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