a russian female girl who has an artistic talent and is inclined to love horses more than life itself. also obsessed with asians, asian countries, asian language, and asian everything.
1: Where's Nadia?
2: oh she's cantering on the horse stalking some asian...^_^
1: how typical of her... =p
by DurAs3L January 23, 2009
Top Definition
noun; meaning beautiful and stunning. Very sweet and caring girl. Often popular and has a lot of friends.
Nadia is soooo hot!
by chonqa June 07, 2007
1. A woman that has a beautiful/sophisticated presense.
2. Someone (male/female) who excels at school work.
'In order to dance ballet, you must become a Nadia'
'See that couple over there? They're both Nadia's'
by Watcha123456 February 06, 2009
A stunning girl, that even though she may say little has the most beautiful voice. Her smile lights up the room and when she crys the whole world stops and feels her pain. She does not show her weakness but has the ability to make anyone else feel better. With no more than 3 words she can brighten you day..."I LOVE YOU"
And after all this you can trust her, love her and she will never hurt you.
she is defined in hope, love, faith, guiance, niceness and equality...she has the most beautiful look on the world
she is hot, sexy, big boobs and stunning hair with amazing big eyes that make you melt and a killer sexy stare
that nadia is the best thing to happen to me

my girlfriend is such a nadia

she is almost a nadia
by ninjanam77 April 30, 2011
A "princess," particularly one raised in a wealthy suburb of a major American city.
She ain't nothing but a Westchester Nadia.
by smintus November 29, 2007
nadia is a beatiful and uncommon name translted to be slavic, a russian laguage. translated in english the name nadia would become hope, many people believe that they are full of hope, love and are at peace with the world. nadia comaneci was a very talented young women who took pride in the sport of gymnastics. she may have only been 4 feet and 11 inches but she was the first to have ever scored a perfect 10 and was only 14! born in romania she lived her life in a small apartment with both her parents and younger brother.
nadia comaneci
by nadia marie July 20, 2009
The name of the best friend a girl can have ever. She will listen to you complain forever and always be there for you with great advice. She is also really beautiful and has a tendency to love spongebob, huge earrings, and hate feet.
I finally talked with Nadia today after forever, it was great. I love my sister! <3
by wiggly,wiggly January 06, 2012
A beautiful, sweet, kind, loving girl who is all about peace. She is a best friend, daughter, sister, mother, cousin and much more! Nadia wants everyone happy.
Nadia would always want to give you the best advice.

I miss my Nadia.
by Leavethepast April 09, 2013
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