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A beautiful, sweet, kind, loving girl who is all about peace. She is a best friend, daughter, sister, mother, cousin and much more! Nadia wants everyone happy.
Nadia would always want to give you the best advice.

I miss my Nadia.
by Leavethepast April 09, 2013
This is a person who is simply amazing. She will be the best friend you have ever had and not turn her back on you. They will be the most attractive women you come across. She will generally have dark brown thick hair and hazel eyes. In addition she will have really nice teeth that are good for biting your fingers. Women named Nadia, tend to have a strong relationship with their pet. Especially if their pet is a Shih-Tzu named Bentley. This woman will also have an infatuation with Panda Bears and Gerbera Daisies. They are usually drawn to the diverse culture in city areas, but their roots point westwards towards the suburbs. This is a woman you should marry and spend the rest of your life with. The only thing you shouldn't do is give her anything with peanut butter, Nadia's generally dislike peanut butter.
Oh, did you see the way that girl looked at me, that must have been a Nadia.
Ouch, she bit me like a Nadia.
That girl hates peanut butter, such a Nadia.`
by Mr.Taller January 19, 2012
The girl equivalent to Chuck Norris; A completly awesome girl that every boy wishes was their girl friend.
GUY ONE: Did you see that girl do a roundhouses kick? °GUY TWO:Yeah;she's a total Nadia ( I wish I could marry her)
by super sexy beast May 07, 2013
A very smart and kind girl. Very nice. Always there for you no matter what. Very fun to talk to. If your friends with a Nadia, you are the luckiest person in the world.
She's such a Nadia, which is why I love her Livia
by Uknowwho October 20, 2013
A creature that is considered dope and having swag
swag dope

Any object with that name is considered to be dope having swag or being beautiful

Nadia is a feminine noun .
Nadia is dope,has swag ,and is beautiful
by dopechick November 29, 2013
Nadia is a very nice sister, beautiful, she is very popular and sometimes very fresh, she can act very mean at times nut then after a while will come and pick you up and love you and cherish you to the fullest.
Skye: That has to be a Nadia, I'm serious she is beautiful and fresh too.
by Thebeautiful May 28, 2014
Queen B, Prima Donna in the making, top slut
'Woah, look at her! She's a real Nadia in the making!'

'Look at that fabulous Nadia over there!'
by jelybeanelf July 23, 2014