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Pronounced "Nup-edd-dupp" New York City Police Department
Hey look its a NYPD car!
by snappleboy16 June 24, 2010
8 39
New York Pricks n' Dicks
NYPD - New York Pricks n' Dicks
by Tabuley March 27, 2007
82 130
The most unorginized Police Department in the World. Mayor Gullianni thought Police Commisioner Brattton was an idiot, So he got rid of him. NYPD clames crime has dropped, but New York City is very crime infested and not a very safe place, despite New York P.D. having the most cops in the U.S.A. . We need better results...there is still way to much crime,murder in New York City. Officers are payed off to look the other way. As in the boook Serpico, written by an NYPD officer. Serpico was called a rat and the corrupt cops tryed to kill him. Alot of NYPD look terible in uniform. Known for sticking plungers up suspects rectum. Not a very smart Department
NYPD ...Corrupt and unorginized not a very bright bunch.
by clean up new york city February 04, 2005
74 236