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Politicans, CEOS, and little gecko lizards.
Politician: I DID NOT sleep with that goat, nor am I a corrupt indivdual whatsoever. Ohhh, is that candy and a baby? Can I take it? Its sooo fun! You should try it!
by Manical to the Hippie February 17, 2008
The act of de-virginizing a certain area of a house, car or random parts of the woods.
Me: Dude, Earin and I just got through corrupting my step-dad's truck in a church parking lot.

You: By God, That's a double whammy!
by Jeremy October 01, 2004
Containing alterations, foreign admixture, or errors. Deteriorated from the normal or standard; specifically a) morally unsound or debased; perverted; evil; depraved. b) taking bribes
Someone changed the letters of the word I typed, from 'associations' to "assiciations.' The same person who corrupted the spelling of my word is morally depraved and thinks there is a rank in the armed forces of who has to have sex with who. He even stole my $5,000 CD certificate when it came due by having prearranged for the bank teller to hand one of them back to him with his name on it instead of mine.
by acorn1 September 22, 2009
Hillary Clinton....... Need I say more
Did you hear that Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are trying to label Bernie Sanders is a sexist.

Yeah she's hella corrupt bro.
by Sephiroth of anon May 21, 2016
in the state of rebellion ; rebellious (see : Adolf Hitler)
"That corrupt cop started killing innocent people at that gas station, run for it!"

"I talked to a time traveler from 2023. He says Hillary Clinton will be Adolf Hitler 2.0!"
by DefinitionMastermind January 28, 2016
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