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In the MMORPG World of Warcraft: Rogue Mage Priest.
It refers to the most used 3vs3 team setup for arenas in World of Warcraft, consisting of a Mutilate specced rogue, a Frost specced Mage (sometimes, but rarely Arcane) and a Discipline specced Priest.
Its popularity comes from the high CC (Crowd Control), Dispel balance and burst DPS (Damage per Second) which has made it stand out from other setups since the beginnings of arenas.
I think RMP are overpowered, they just bashed us in five seconds.
by RogueMagePriest December 18, 2009
37 18
RMP: Radio Mounted Patrol, and abreviation used to describe a police car, based on tradition, used by some larger police departments such as NYPD.
Officer A: Hey, go grab a domestic complaint form.
Officer B: Where are they?
Officer A: Should be some in the RMP.
by Scrike83 November 24, 2005
34 21
The Royal Military Police, a core of the British Army.
When I'm 17, I'm going to go on a serial kill then join the RMP.
by Willzzzbravvaa December 24, 2010
4 7
Russian massage parlor
the girls at that rmp are hot
by D peezie September 24, 2007
13 25
Read my profile, usually used of AOL Instant Messenger.
Screename: Hey rmp.
Buddy: Ok.
by Mark March 21, 2005
5 22
Four times as addictive as crack. 10 times as devastating to your productivity.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
4 25