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School that used to be kick ass but has gone down the pooper in the last 17 years. Has many important graduates such as Donald Trump and John Gotti. Has fine living quarters such as the state of the art "Jones Barracks" and a 5 star dining facility where you can enjoy tasty delights prepared by the country's most outstanding chefs. Home of the the "Jungle" as well as some so called "skinheads". Also called "New York Military Academy". "need your money academy, and nice young men academy".
"Hey how is your house holding up after that storm?"
"It got NYMA'd so bad, the shit is in pieces"

"Tommy is being a little shit, what should we do with him Bob?"
"Send his bitch ass to NYMA"
by 333's April 17, 2007
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fucking HELL on earth
nyma aka new york military academy is the biggest piece of shit scam school in the world and i hope it blows the fuck up...(Need Your Money Academy is what we really call it
by mike March 28, 2004

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