boring; not fun; not interesting
"Lets skip today, school is null."
by cunfusedkid101 August 24, 2005
null or null-o means zero, no more, not there, absent,lacking, broke($). and many more...
I'd like to be in null-o gravity.
>Bill, how much you got? Dude I got null.
by Theodore Logan April 20, 2003
short for funnel as in funnel a beer as in pour a beer into a funnel attactched to a tube and down it in less then 5 seconds.
a. yo bra, lets go null some brews and get trashed
b. i can null a brewski faster then anyone
by jah-master June 03, 2006
the word that keeps showing up when writing or reading truths for other people in the truth box on myspace
null has not posted any public truths
by annoyedmyspacer April 12, 2009
I think I found out what it stands for!

NULL = Nut Under Legal License

Meaning the Law will take the thing away because it isn't
under YOUR license.
I am the first one on the planet to find out what
NULL stands for.
by Buttlamo November 16, 2007
A politer way of calling someone retarded.
"Oh my gosh, your so null" "Did you see him chase that bus? Wow he looked so null"
by neoncrayonz November 12, 2011
meaning sick or disgusting
Guy 1: just imagine eating dog shit!
Guy 2: null!
by Manhat December 18, 2009
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