Name That Tune; cool interactive musical jukebox chatroom in Yahoo under User Rooms where users each get a fair chance to play a song in alphabetical order for up to a minute in length; great place to meet cool peeps and have lots of laughs; no knobs, ponces or snobs tolerated -- just good folk who love music and enjoy each other's company; user room where peeps can pass or play and enjoy music of all sorts.
I found the coolest music in NTT!

NTT is more fun and cooler than TFF!!!!
by Ocotillo Rio June 24, 2003
Best Brood War player in the history of the game. Also totally awesome and super sweet. Some ego problems.

Entry by NTT himself.
"NTT sure is one cool ass motherfucker."
by NTT June 02, 2003
Overweight Internet Smartass
It takes 3 chocolate bars to console NTT's teary orphan tears whenever he loses.
by daledale March 17, 2006
Losers who bash other groups because they are brainless. The Men are dickless and the women are hairy.
by Protector June 25, 2003
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