Naval Surface Fire Support: Fire provided by Navy surface gun and missile systems in support of a unit or units.
This is the USS Cole DDG-67 Arleigh Burke-class Aegis guided missile destroyer, requesting additional Naval Surface Fire Support.
by trampish June 27, 2005
The Northern Special Forces multi gaming clan, always full of shit and will most likely get naked for only 10 US or Canadia dollars.
"Tommy!!, what are you looking at? Is that a porn site? I'm telling mom!!"

"Shutup bitch, it's just the =|NSF|= website."
by squishy July 05, 2004
Solid party company organised by two siiikkk bre's get there cos its gonna be boom.

NSF is gonna be tha boomest party of the year. Have u got ur ticket yet????
by Jake tha take April 30, 2004

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