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2 definitions by uknowhosketch

The scientific word for a lighter.
May I use your Hyphen Duphenator to spark my bowl/ciggaret please?
by uknowhosketch January 26, 2009
North Side Family.

"NSF" is a North Side gang majority of skin heads.

"NSF" is located in North Phoenix of Arizona.

"NSF" is full of white pride' ers and is known to not affiliate with anybody that is not of the Caucasian ethnicity.

"NSF" are not allies or affiliated with any Norteno's, they feel that is for pansie ass Mexicans.
"North Side White Pride"

"Damn fool, them NSF fools are hard."

"Hey Jose, essay, I don't think you wanna fuck them crazy skin head North Siders."
by uknowhosketch May 13, 2009