Nut suck and fuck. (NSF)
Come over so you can NSF.
by Sajeeb Chan July 06, 2010
Not Safe For Soul.
Dude two girls one cup is NSFS. Pain Olympics too. and 4Chan
by ZawesomeSaucem April 27, 2010
no small fries.
dude 1: Hey! wanna go to whataburger?

dude 2: Sure, but NSF... im really hungry!
by frenchfrylover October 02, 2011
Not Safe For Starbucks
This picture is NSFS
by Yosef Solomon April 14, 2009
the cDc's Ninja Strike Force, that is, the Cult of the Dead Cow. A group of degenerate mentally disturbed but highly dangerous cyber criminals who try to deflect their own insecurities and lack of prowess augmented by their inherent drug abuse problems by causing unwanted damage on innocent peoples computers and businesses.
it is allegedly the nsf who organised the attack on ACME companies networks.
by Agent Orange July 28, 2004
-Someone who has poor vision due to staying up very late while yelling at their sisters about nonsense, and during the day is an absolute mutant of the human nature. They are very aggressive and like to verbally arrange fights, but never actually follow through. All in all, they are people who you should avoid at all costs, although it is very easy and amusing to harass them.
MAN 1-dude, my neighbor over the weekend woke me up at 3.30 PM by yelling about markers, then the next day he threatened to tear both my ACL and MCL with a toothbrush, but couldn't see me very well.

MAN 2- ouch, you've got a bad case of an NSF as a neighbor.
by zferrisLT21 December 09, 2009
North Side Family.

"NSF" is a North Side gang majority of skin heads.

"NSF" is located in North Phoenix of Arizona.

"NSF" is full of white pride' ers and is known to not affiliate with anybody that is not of the Caucasian ethnicity.

"NSF" are not allies or affiliated with any Norteno's, they feel that is for pansie ass Mexicans.
"North Side White Pride"

"Damn fool, them NSF fools are hard."

"Hey Jose, essay, I don't think you wanna fuck them crazy skin head North Siders."
by uknowhosketch May 13, 2009

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